Employment & Auditions


Opera San Luis Obispo evaluates potential leading artists through POSTED AUDITIONS and PRIVATE AUDITIONS. All auditions occur at the invitation of Opera San Luis Obispo, based on the specific criteria released in conjunction with an applicant's ability. Generally, all interested candidates should have standard repertoire on YouTube, Vimeo, or another online source available, no older than 3-years at the time of application, or, be willing to prepare such material for consideration.

Posted Auditions occur 1-3 times each year through social media and other sites with specific criteria identified in the public audition notice. Posted Auditions are usually specific to a future production. Once an artist is approved to participate in a Posted Audition, there are no fees associated with the audition process.

Private Auditions occur at the request of an individual artist, outside of a Posted Audition. Private Auditions can be specific to a future production, or as an opportunity to share one's talents for a variety of future opportunities: leading roles, educational outreach, smaller recitals, etc. All Private Auditions are video taped, and that collateral will be shared with the candidate at their request. Once a candidate is accepted to participate in a Private Audition, the candidate is responsible for covering the pianist's fee for the audition, payable directly to the pianist at the time of audition. 

To inquire more about Posted and Private audition, please contact Zach Johnson, Director of Production, at operasloproductionmgr@gmail.com or call or text at (805) 801-8294. 


If you are interested in auditioning for the OPERA SAN LUIS OBISPO GRAND CHORUS, please complete the following information located at THIS LINK. You can also contact our Chorus Master Kristina Prozesky, Chorus Manager at Kristina.oea@gmail.com or call or text (512) 461-6767.

Staff Opportunities

Opera San Luis Obispo welcomes inquiries for the below listed part-time and seasonal positions. For information please call our office at (805) 782-7342, or email Dr. Brian Asher Alhadeff, General and Artistic Director at brian@operaslo.org

  • Director of Children's Summer Opera Camp (requires proficiency in word, powerpoint, and excel)
  • Executive Assistant (requires proficiency in word, powerpoint, and excel)
  • Guest Artist Housing Coordinator (requires proficiency in word, powerpoint, and excel)
  • Set Designer and Builder (must duel-proficient and local)
  • Touring Sound Engineer
  • Touring Crew

Intern Opportunities

Opera San Luis Obispo welcomes inquiries about the below listed 120-hour certificated internships. For information please call our office at (805) 782-7342, or email Dr. Brian Asher Alhadeff, General and Artistic Director at brian@operaslo.org

  • Operational Management Intern: 3-4 month volunteer position
  • Arts Publicity Intern: 3-4 month volunteer position
  • Marketing Intern: 3-4 month volunteer position
  • Assistant to the General Director

Company Statement of Inclusivity

Opera plays an important role as the genre of classical music responsible for uniting more art forms together, on one stage, than any other form of performance art. We acknowledge our genre of performance is often experienced by thousands in a single production, which imposes a greater responsibility and push to enact positive change through our work, practices, educational programs and policies.

OperaSLO exclusively performs in ADA compliant venues. We provide educational programs in collaboration with our County Office of Education, which serves a broad and diverse community. In 2017, OperaSLO developed our Mobile Opera House, which allows us to reach underserved communities that would otherwise not have access to live performances. OperaSLO is committed to fair and equitable hiring practices companywide. We do not support, sponsor, author, or advocate programs or events that benefit any single group, at the exclusion of others. Working at OperaSLO is based on an individual’s professional skill, and legal right to work in the State of California. We do not discriminate based on race, religion, sex, or nationality.

Opera San Luis Obispo is welcoming to all. We make these commitments to you, and to ourselves, and we hope all will hold us accountable to these standards.