Individual Giving

As you know, donations are the lifeblood of our day-to-day operations. Without the generosity of our patrons, Opera San Luis Obispo would quickly cease to exist. So we try to make it easy for you, with a variety of payments plans and benefits.

For individuals, Opera San Luis Obispo would like to thank you in part by offering benefits which we hope will deepen your relationship with Opera San Luis Obispo (see listing at right). For any questions, please email us at

To Donate Now:

  • Cash/check-in person or via mail
  • Credit card-via telephone, mail, in person or online here.
  • Pledge payments-We are always happy to accept a long-term pledge and would be pleased to work out a plan that best suits you. Please call the office at (805) 782-7342 for details.
  • Donating Securities: Appreciated securities can be donated as well. Please call our offices for more information.



During any given season, Opera San Luis Obispo has at least one silent auction planned. We would be pleased to accept the donation of any item that our patrons would bid on. Whether it's a painting or a car, a bottle of wine or a tasting tour, all are much appreciated.


Perhaps you don't have any thing you care to donate, but have a skill or service that might be valuable. Are you a great cook? Perhaps you could donate a dinner for 6. Or perhaps you have a lovely home where you are willing to host such a dinner? How about your professional services? Give the office a call for more information or ideas!

Legacy Giving

You don't have to be a great opera singer or composer to leave an indelible mark on history. You can create a permanent, meaningful artistic legacy that is just as powerful.

Whether you would like to make a special donation now to the fund of your choice, or perhaps remember us in your estate planning, we invite you to explore this way to help ensure Opera San Luis Obispo's future.


You can create a lasting legacy simply by including a bequest to Opera San Luis Obispo in your will in one of three ways:

  • A specific dollar amount.
  • A percentage of your estate.
  • The residual (or a percentage of the residual) of your estate, what is left over after you have provided for your other obligations and your family/friends.

Make a Planned Gift

A planned gift can help you create an artistic legacy and provide you excellent benefits, as well. Many planned gifts not only provide you with a charitable gift tax deduction, but can also help you avoid capital gains and estate taxes. In addition to tax savings, some planned gifts can actually provide you and those you love with an increased, stable income now or in the future. Some options include:

  • A gift of assets such as stocks, bonds or mutual fund shares.
  • Naming Opera San Luis Obispo as a beneficiary of your IRA or retirement plan.
  • A gift of a life insurance policy.
  • A gift of your residence, real estate or other personal property.

Note: Always consult with your attorney or financial planner before making changes to your estate plan. And, be sure to consult with your attorney to write your actual will or codicil. Please let us know of any plans you have made.

For information about legacy giving, go to

Opera San Luis Obispo Special Programs

Opera San Luis Obispo has several programs from which to choose to support to help secure Opera San Luis Obispo's future. Many patrons have chosen to designate their gifts to a specific area of the opera that interests them. Here are some of Opera San Luis Obispo's existing special programs:

Educational Funds

For long-term programming, The John Grostick Educational Fund provides much-needed assistance to our educational programming. The income from this fund is used to support such things as our annual scholarship program, or partial scholarships for opera camp.

For annual programming, the Gerry and Peggy Peterson Young Artist Program provides critical support for the activities of our scholarship, mentoring and resident artist programs.

Production Reserves

For long and short term support, the Jill Anderson Production Fund provides an operating reserve for upcoming opera productions, helping to ensure consistent growth for the company.

You can also give directly to the OperaSLO Grand Orchestra and Grand Chorus, as well as OperaSLO Sunset Pops at Vina Robles Ampitheatre, to assist with our productions.

Other Ways to Give

Endowment Funds

Our endowments funds are maintained by:

Charitable Funds

A donor-advised charitable account may be established through a number of mutual fund companies. This requires a deposit of cash, securities, or in some cases, real estate in a fund that invests in stocks and bonds. These are an immediate tax deduction. You may make grants to your favorite charities whenever you wish, and let the balance continue to grow.

Here are links to some of the larger donor-advised accounts: