OperaSLO Education

Opera San Luis Obispo's wide ranging Opera in Education Program (OEP) offers activities and events specifically aimed at ages 7-13, young adult through college age, and the adult and senior level. We invite you to explore our different programs to learn more about which one would be the best fit for you. Our reoccurring events include Students at the METHD, Students at the Amphitheatre, and Children's Summer Opera Camp. OperaSLO is proud to partner with the County Office of Education in bringing arts directly to schools throughout our county year round. In the 2019-2020 season, OperaSLO will unveil what we believe is our most exciting educational initiative yet: our Mobile Opera House - which is a miniature stage and backdrop that all unfolds out of a 22-foot truck! This will give OperaSLO the ability to create much more interactive, professional, and impactful outreach while also opening up the doors to venues and events previously impossible to support the classical performing arts.

OperaSLO's Students On-Stage initiative represents our commitment to featuring gifted young local artists right along side our internationally acclaimed professionals in a variety of events year round. Artistic and General Director Dr. Brian Asher Alhadeff is a dedicated advocate of youth arts education. Virtually all of OperaSLO's programming features talented aspiring young artists. Alhadeff says:

We are proud to lead the way on the Central Coast in providing young talented artists critical first-time opportunities and impactful mentorship right along side working professionals. A significant challenge is precisely how to publicly celebrate these young dynamos without patrons getting the impression we are diluting our product with the inclusion of students! Quite the contrary! These are brilliant young people starving for opportunity, eager to demonstrate strong work ethics. These special young artists absolutely elevate our productions; and the best part is OperaSLO lovingly provides validation, encouragement, and mentorship for pursuing careers in the classical performing arts.

Considering making a donation today supporting our Opera in Education program by clicking here. We invite you to watch this short 3-minute video highlighting three such young artists and their journey during OperaSLO's 2019 grand production of South Pacific: